Dapper Bear Clothiers. The Official Baylor Plaid.

Dapper Bear Clothiers was created by three Baylor students with the purpose of designing good-looking and classy attire in the Official Baylor Plaid. Through collaboration between Baylor University's highly ranked Entrepreneurship Program and the Baylor Angel Network, Dapper Bear Clothiers was created, and the Official Baylor Plaid was born.

Baylor University's First Lady Alice Starr championed the way in selecting an Official Baylor Plaid that would encompass the university's famous Green and Gold. After senior lecturer, Jaynie Fader, challenged her students to create plaid designs in the school colors, First Lady Alice Starr selected the winning design by Hannah Maynard, BS '13, resulting in what is now the Official Baylor Plaid.

Known as a symbol of identity, plaid is meant to foster a sense of belonging among those who wear it. In this spirit, the Official Baylor Plaid captures the tight connections and distinct bonds that exist among Baylor Nation.

Jackson Wren, CEO

Currently a senior at Baylor University, Jackson Wren is an Entrepreneurship and Management major from Waco, TX.

"I can't tell you how much fun I have had building this company during my time in college. When my two friends, Hob Howell and Claire Major, and I created Dapper Bear through the Entrepreneurship Program at Baylor, our goal was simple: to invest back into Baylor by creating good-looking, classy clothing in the Official Baylor Plaid."

"Taking this idea and making it a reality has been an incredible learning process as a college student. I'm having a great time running and building Dapper Bear, especially in the midst of the great things going on at Baylor. I would love to continue growing Dapper Bear and see it become a staple of Baylor apparel."